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Data processing

Updating of addresses

According to a 2014 study on relocation (“Umzugsstudie 2014”), some 9 million residents of Germany move house each year – this relates to roughly one in six households. Out-of-date addresses cost you a lot of money because you are paying for mailings that no longer reach your customers. Furthermore, those customers who no longer receive your advertising order significantly less frequently from you.

We will help you keep your database up to date: We make use of various reference files to check whether there is a new address known for any of your customers and update it. In addition, those people whose new address is not known or any deceased persons are flagged in your database so that you can stop writing to them. This is a worthwhile investment that will pay off after only a few mailings.

Feel free to request an offer for updating your database – with no obligations.

Liebetrau Listservice’s services in the field of DATA PROCESSING: 

Nadine Hottenrott Tel.: +49 (0)2 21/99 22 53 24
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