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Data processing

Seed addresses

Pursuant to Sec. 11 of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), the principal is responsible for compliance with the provisions of data protection law. Seed addresses constitute one possibility of verifying whether your address data is used as contractually agreed.

Seed addresses are addresses to which post can be delivered but that are not publicly accessible. They can be clearly assigned to a specific source, a customer database or a selection of addresses. As it is impossible to differentiate between them and normal addresses, seed addresses cannot be identified as such and removed from the database.

Should any irregularities arise in the use of your customer data, seed addresses provide unambiguous evidence that can also be used for legal purposes. In addition, they easily help to identify the file from which the data originated and its recipient.

At Liebetrau Listservice, we add the seed addresses of our partner adreko to every selection of addresses in order to protect our customers’ databases when they are leased out. You, too, can benefit from adreko’s tried-and-tested seed addresses to safeguard your customer database. This service enables you to check whether

The advertising material in question was mailed

The approved mail date was met

The addresses were actually used only once

The addresses were contacted by unauthorized third parties

The use of data in breach of agreed terms and conditions can incur considerable contractual penalties and may lead to legal action. By employing seed addresses and commissioning reputable, certified service providers, you can keep the risk of abuse of your addresses in practice to an absolute minimum.

Use the “Address Protection Seal” to show that you are serious about protecting personal data and place great importance on the security of the datasiegel_RGB_de_02 you hold.

Do you wish to place professional safeguards on your customer data by using seed addresses? Talk to us and we will be pleased to make you a customized offer.

Liebetrau Listservice’s services in the field of DATA PROCESSING:

adreko GmbH Dirk Niedernhöfer Tel.: +49 (0)2 21/99 22 77 80
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