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Inserts – your direct path to new customers

Inserts can be an efficient and cost-effective alternative to attracting new customers through postal mailings or e-mail campaigns.
You will always reach current mail order or online buyers in the target group you seek at lower costs than with a personalised mailing and, as a rule, with a better response rate than with an e-mail campaign.

We will find the most effective inserts for your target group, as for attracting new customers you have a choice between various types of inserts:

Parcel inserts

Media inserts

Catalogue inserts

Other inserts

We will advise you on the choice of medium as, depending on your advertising objective, the options for inserts extend from simple cards or flyers to vouchers, little catalogues or product samples. And we will pay attention to the important little details such as advertising codes or response elements that enable you to measure the success of your advertising.

What kind of insert is most suited to achieving your marketing objectives? Get in touch with us and find out.

Liebetrau Listservice’s services in the field of INSERTS:

Sven Weßnat Tel.: +49 (0)2 21/99 22 53 23
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Make sure your inserts are in the right place

... to achieve the best results. We will plan the success of your campaign – get in touch with us right away!