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Online marketing

Online marketing – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

There are many places on the internet where cheap e-mail addresses are on sale. Wouldn’t I save a lot of money if I bought e-mail mailing lists from there?

We urgently recommend you to refrain from buying e-mail addresses on the internet:

– Such addresses often have an abysmal delivery rate

– Many addresses are not or wrongly individualised

– The addresses are used by an unknown number of mailers with no form of control

– You do not have the consent of the recipient (opt-in) that is required before you can legally use the addresses for advertising purposes

– The e-mail mailing lists may contain e-mail addresses that have been used for spamming (spamtraps). By using such addresses, you risk ending up on the blacklist of various e-mail providers. This lowers the delivery rate of your advertising.

– Being blocked as a sender can affect the delivery of regular e-mails sent from your e-mail server. As a consequence, the day-to-day e-mail communication of your business may be greatly impeded.

– The recipients do not have any interest whatsoever in the product you are advertising.

– The advertising you send will not be noticed by the recipients and any mails not already blocked by the providers will end up in the spam folder.

Will the e-mail addresses be delivered to me so that I can send off the e-mails myself?

No. For legal reasons, your advertising will have to be transmitted by the business which has received the consent of the recipient to be sent advertising (opt-in). You will provide your HTML template to the owner of the addresses. He will then incorporate it into his e-mailing software for transmission.

Is e-mail marketing worthwhile anyhow?

In a recent study by the French e-mail service provider Mailjet, e-mail marketing is attributed great potential worldwide over the next 5 years. Although the opening, click and conversion rates can vary greatly depending on the campaign and e-mail mailing list, there are a lot of surveys that establish that e-mail marketing is more effective and more profitable than other forms of advertising. We would be pleased to provide you with an independent, individual assessment as to whether e-mail marketing is worthwhile for your product.

What costs must I anticipate with regard to e-mail marketing?

The costs relating to an e-mail campaign depend on the target group, the mailing volume, the quality of the addresses used and various other factors.
As a rule, the price ranges between €7 and €20 for 1,000 consumer e-mail addresses. But in general the minimum order is 100,000 adresses!
For business addresses the price can range between 150€ and 250€ per thousand, but this depends on your target group as well as on the available amount. Here we have a minimum order amount of app. 1000€ to 2500€.
In general, we can offer you comparatively favourable terms as you will benefit from the large quantities that we order from various providers

What do the terms CPM, CPL, CPO, CPC mean?

-CPM (cost per mille) states the price per 1,000 e-mails sent.
-CPL (cost per lead) states the price paid by a mailer for each lead acquired though an e-mail mailing. A lead is, for example, a registration for a newsletter or a request for information material.
-CPO (cost per order) states the price paid by the mailer for an order generated by an e-mail mailing.
-CPC (cost per click) states the price that has to be paid for a click on a link in the e-mail sent.

How do I know how often my advertising e-mail was opened and how often the links it contains were clicked on?

The mailer of the e-mails tracks the transmission and will provide you with statistics on the number of e-mails that were opened and the number of clicks generated.

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