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referenz_logo_schecker “As a list manager, Liebetrau Listservice has been marketing our addresses and insert capacities. Liebetrau Listservice also takes care of our mailing, insert and magazine campaigns with a view to winning new customers. We are given excellent advice when it comes to new strategies and ideas for attracting new customers. End-to-end handling by the team and a constant contact person save us a lot of time and work.”

Nicole Schipper (Head of Marketing)

referenz_logo_pb_direct “We have been providing IT services to Liebetrau Listservice since 2009. From a service provider’s perspective, unambiguous specifications, exact schedules and a good understanding of IT processes are of vital importance to successfully manage a merge purge.
Liebetrau excellently fulfils all of these requirements. You notice that Liebetrau knows its profession, which means that its customers are given excellent support with regard to IT aspects. The deep customer focus should also be given special mention, which is reflected in the fact that customer projects are implemented on time even within very short deadlines.”

Alexander Huschek (General manager)

“Liebetrau Listservice demonstrates excellent expertise not only on the French market but also on the international market, which makes it an important broker for us. Constantly searching for new lists, they support us in expanding our activities. We see Liebetrau Listservice not only as a broker but rather as a valued business partner.”

Stéphane Gasser (DB Marketing)

referenz_logo_via_biona “An agency whose primary objective is not trying to sell you something but to provide advice as to how you can better sell, is invaluable. Without Liebetrau Listservice we would not be where we are today. We appreciate collaborating with them.”

Hubert P. Schuster (Head of Marketing)

VPC „On account of its international orientation, Liebetrau Listservice is a valuable consultant for us, who makes targeted contact to new partners from other countries expanding on the French market. Thanks to Liebetrau Listservice’s special position, we are able to make use of mailing lists that are still relatively unknown in France with a view to winning new customers in addition to the traditional lists.“

Orlane Keygnaert-Royer (VPC Story)