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Inserts – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I measure the success of my inserts?

You should have a media code printed on your inserts that has to be quoted when an order is made. In this way, the code can be used to establish where the insert was distributed and how many orders were generated from the distribution.

What kind of inserts are suitable for my target group?

The socio-demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target group should match to the greatest possible extent the characteristics of the target group of the inserts you order. We would be happy to provide the expertise to assist you in the selection of suitable inserts.

What is the minimum number of inserts I should order?

We recommend having at least 10,000 inserts distributed per order to generate meaningful and comparable results.

Is there a minimum quantity?

That varies and depends on the type of insert and the volume of the insert. In many instances, parcel inserts can be ordered for a quantity as little as 5,000.

What are the advantages of my ordering inserts from a list broker?

You will benefit in several ways from ordering your inserts through a reputable list broker rather than ordering direct.

  • List brokers are familiar with the market and provide unbiased advice with regard to the insert potentials on hand for your target group.
  • The services of a list broker will not cost you anything as he receives a commission from the provider of the inserts for brokering an order. This means that you will not pay more for the services of a list broker than if you ordered the inserts directly.
  • List brokers are familiar with the legal situation and will help you make sure your advertising complies with the law in practice.
  • The services offered by a list broker (such as list management, campaign planning and handling, data processing, etc.) can save you a lot of work and supplement the expertise already at your disposal.
How are orders for inserts billed?

You pay for the quantity distributed once the distribution has been completed.

Are there specifications as to the weight and the format of inserts?

Every mail order company / publisher has its own specifications as to limits of the size and weight of the inserts distributed. More information on this can be found on the datacards of the providers in question. Inserts in DIN A5 format are accepted by most providers, the lowest-priced weight class is usually in the range up to 20 grams.

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