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Online marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing (the term partner programme is sometimes also used) offers you the possibility of having a number of affiliates (distribution partners) advertise your products at previously specified prices.

We will act on your behalf: Through our partner we will arrange for you to access all relevant affiliate networks. The affiliates there will then incorporate your advertising into their own website, their own blog or their own newsletter. Once the predefined objective for your advertising has been achieved (purchase of a product, request for information, etc.), the affiliate will receive a commission from you.

Would you also like to benefit from the possibilities offered by affiliate marketing to win new customers? Do you have any more questions on how this works or how it can be employed? Then get in touch with us without delay!

Liebetrau Listservice’s services in the field of ONLINE MARKETING: GmbH Alexander Stockhammer Tel.: +49 (0)2 21/88 88 14 15
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Score double points now with online marketing.

With our knowledge of the market and our good contacts, every shot will be on target – and that’s guaranteed! Please fill out the contact form – we will get back to you!